Organizational Sustainability Consulting President Ari Betof

Ari Betof - Senior Leader and Consultant in Greater Boston

As an undergraduate at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, Ari Betof studied both physics and mathematics with a concentration in psychology. After securing his bachelor of science, he entered the educational field as a faculty member at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Mount Hermon, Massachusetts. He earned a doctoral degree in educational leadership from the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on organizational dynamics and nonprofit organizational stewardship. His doctoral dissertation was informed by stewardship lessons from nonprofits that had stood the test of time in navigating the Great Depression and Great Recession and was awarded with distinction. Ari Betof subsequently became an educational administrator, ultimately serving in head of school positions with two highly regarded institutions of learning.

In addition to his primary professional roles, Ari Betof has served multiple organizations as a board member and mentor. Dr. Betof is a lecturer in University of Pennsylvania’s executive doctoral and master’s programs in educational leadership and has been a mentor in Harvard University’s School Leadership Program. Ari Betof is a nationally recognized author and guest speaker about financial sustainability and nonprofit organizational stewardship.

Dr. Ari Betof advises a range of schools, colleges, membership organizations, and nonprofits about mission-driven, data-informed decision making as the president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting in Brookline, Massachusetts. His clients benefit from his years of experience in fields that include strategic planning, team building, fundraising, branding, enrollment management, resource maximization, and organizational change.